Whine Or Wine?


Clockwise from top left:

S’mores, Marionberry a la mode, Sugarless Marionberry

Our first pie and book club met last night. Two of us struggle with our waistlines so we also discussed walking to book club every other week.  So it might be a wine, pie and exercise book club. Who knows, we may even nix the pie. I’m all for better health and with summer coming who needs pie? We’ll see how that holds. At any rate you can see why the pie is a big hit. I got high on Pepsi which is a double whammy but the other two relaxed with a glass of wine while we came up with plans.

We agreed that we will take turns choosing a book. We talked about what we didn’t want to read but know there will be times that someone will choose one we don’t like and we’ll have to tough it out. No whine with the wine. We volunteered my niece to come up with the first selection. She just happened to have one on her. “Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)” by Mindy Kaling. This author is a comedy writer on The Office so I am hoping for a side splitter. I could use one.

Two of the positions I applied for in Washington were filled today. I am at a disadvantage because I don’t live in Washington and am new here. Most of my competition will probably be with internal applicants. I only need one job, I tell myself and the odds look a little better. I’ve walked through so much uncertainty in the last few years that I’ve become more skilled with letting go of outcomes. So much of America is experiencing this right now. I am lucky that I can relocate to wherever I need to and have a two state radius to navigate. I’m also nervous about looking for a used car. Someone suggested Craig’s List but I know nothing about buying a reliable one and it feels like playing Russian Roulette. Car repairs I don’t need.

Last night I said nightie-night and closed my door like usual at bedtime. Bianca came to my room and pawed at the door and pushed it open. She sashayed in and looked at me like …What?  You can’t say good night?  “Good night Bianca”.


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  1. Marsella, I hope you don’t mind me throwing in my two cents. I have heard some real horror stories about people buying cars on Craig’s List. I don’t mean to be negative. Maybe if you have time, you could “google” something like “buying a car on Craig’s List.” I hope you don’t mind me giving you my opinion. Sincerely, Richard

    • Are you kidding?! THANK YOU! This is what I mean. I’m out of my league and am so grateful for your feedback. I’ll take your advice. Thanks Richard.

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