Disaster Plans


I had the opportunity to be Telva’s assistant today at a disaster planning training session. It is no secret that they are predicting a massive quake or tsunami on the west coast sometime soon. Soon could be 30-50 years from now or tomorrow. There are about fourteen fault lines along the Cascades, if I heard correctly today. Telva does this for a living and I was more than impressed hearing her presentation. So many things can happen in emergency situations. Chemical spills, people going postal at work, hostage situations not to mention volcanoes (yes-we have that threat too) and super storms. They had a mega ice storm here not long ago that kept everything shut down for days. How do you prepare? There were many discussions today on “what if’s”, like what if you can’t get back in a building to get your wallet, purse, car keys, i.d. or money? How will you get home if there is a major quake? What if there is no cell phone or internet use? How will you communicate? How will you have access to food and water?

This was a company of around 100 people. Most companies have no plan in place and don’t want to fund a disaster plan. Remember Katrina? The results were harrowing. It was amazing to see these teams at work questioning and examining crucial elements that will keep their fellow workers safe in the event of a catastrophe. Telva provides the foundation and this company will fill in the details according to their needs. They will spend the next six weeks coming up with a detailed plan and then have a mock-up disaster at the next training in June. As much as I’d love to see that I hope to be working by then. My lips to God’s ear.

I planted summer bulbs for Telv this week only to discover I put them in the wrong place so I’ll be digging them up tomorrow.  Some help Bianca is, she saw me planting them and said nothing!  Telva and Bruce are going camping this weekend so I’ll be here solo.  Since Bianca is going along Telv wanted to know what I would do. I said block party of course! I’d rather read. I finished “The Piano” and it was great. The movie closely followed the book but you always get more of the details. This was story telling at it’s best. So many bizarre elements…a mute mail-order bride obsessed with her piano who travels half way around the world with her illegitimate daughter and is pursued by a white man living among the Maori while chastely married to the eccentric man who sent for her. The sensual elements made the story even more baffling and compelling. Telva hated the movie, I loved it. She also hated “True Sisters” that I liked. Book club tomorrow should be interesting. I’m telling you, the wine is the key. Stay tuned for the pie update.


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  1. Marsella, I liked your “subplot” today when you wrote about planting bulbs. It made me homesick for my little hometown in NJ where I had two acres of land and could plant a big garden. I am living in one of these gated communities in Florida and you have to fill out 37 forms and go before the Homeowners’ Association Board to plant a single flower. Great blog! Sincerely, Richard

    • I’m familiar with homesick. I moved to Oregon in March from Iowa (4 years) from Colorado (28 years) and long for the familiar at times. It is getting easier to define. I grew up in Florida and went to Disney World when it first opened. I lived on Merritt Island. I am also familiar with HOA boards (ugh) from my Colorado years. Sometimes they have to approve even the colors of things you plant. Thanks for reading, I like yours too.

  2. When traveling the Oregon coast, we saw that there are too few “tsunami escape roads”. As for bulbs, Susan has planted bulbs in the association garden. Sure brightens it up when all else is brown. Happy house sitting. By the way, you read too fast for me. I just struggled through “The Lacuna”……took me weeks. Don’t like Barbara Kingsolver. Too wordy. Judy of Livermore

    • When I was at Cannon Beach I was amazed to see the tsunami warning/route signs. It will move so quickly you’ll have maybe a half hour to evacuate? It is surreal to think about. I have enjoyed Kingsolver, I think it depends on what you read of hers. I am always surprised by how different books compute from the same author. I’ve read some that I loved only to read others that were awful. Brett Lott comes to mind. One of Oprah’s choices was “Jewel” and I thought it was boring but he has since written many others that were good. It’s all in the head of the beholder. I’m a speed reader Jude, and sometimes it’s all I do. No husband, no volunteering. You are so busy, I’m not and frankly I’m enjoying it but I do miss working. I though I heard Susan was retiring from the garden ten years ago?

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