Bianca, My Chimp?


I decided to read the first Tarzan book by Edgar Rice Burroughs and brought home a first edition from the library. Much to my dismay mine was not the first in the series but “Tarzan the Magnificent” published in 1936. “Tarzan the Ape Man was the first and was published as a comic in 1912! I am enamored with book jackets so I had to show you the one that was released in 1914. A first edition sells for $55,000!!! I want to read the first one and was surprised to learn there are twenty six in the series. I had no idea! I loved watching the old black and white, Johnny Weissmuller, Tarzan movies as a kid. Remember his chimp Cheetah?  They could communicate with a look. He actually doesn’t exist in the book versions. Our library only has five Tarzan books so I’ll have to track the first one down.

I didn’t go to the library with any specific books  in mind to read. In fact my favorite thing to do is just pick a section of books and see what jumps out at me. Tarzan was one and the other was “The Piano” by Jane Campion. I adored the movie and have always wanted to read the book. Now’s my chance. I also picked up Harriet Doerr’s “Stones For Ibarra”, a National Book Award winner, and a book called “The House of the Wind” by Titania Hardie. These last two are suggestions for our first book club. We might end up all reading a different choice if we can’t agree. I figure I’ll ply them both with wine first and see what happens.

I have decided to shelve “The Age of Innocence” and “The Book Thief” for the time being. I’m too enamored with a new library to read what I already own. Tough problem to have right? We had an eighty degree day so Bianca and I gardened. Well, I dug holes for summer bulbs and Bianca sun bathed. This dog kills me…we can move her padded barge around to suit her needs. Her barge was in one room and I was in another. She wanders in and stares at me. I’m thinking, time to poop? Nope. Does she need water? Nope. Is she begging? Surprisingly nope. Does she want her barge moved in here? Yep. I did and she plopped right down and went to sleep. All done with a look, must be nice heh? I have to wonder though, who is the chimp?


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  1. They don’t play the Tarzan movies too often on TV any more. It’s a real shame. There was something so great about that film series. Thanks for reviewing the Tarzan books.

  2. Marsella, I was a big fan of the old Tarzan comic books when I was a kid. But, other than reading about Tarzan’s adventures in comic books, I have not yet read any of the Tarzan books.

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