Pie And Books Anyone?


There are people who don’t like pie but I’m not one of them. Think of the combinations out there?! If you don’t like fruit filled you have the option of every sweet combination under the sun. Did you know there is an American Pie Council? And there is a National Pie Championship every year? Shari’s Restaurant is my new best friend since I found out that they have free pie when you order any entree on Wednesdays. My niece and I went there for dinner last night, (and not just for the great pie and company), because I wanted to get the green light on our mini book club meeting there. It is a very popular night obviously and I don’t want to tie up a  table and tips for wait staff without their knowledge. Our’s gracefully said “No problem, but it might get noisy”. I’m thinking to myself, doe she know we might be having wine? Then I got it…Oh-it’s free pie night.

So we will officially have our first pie-and-wine-book-club next Wednesday. I catch flack from my friends because I don’t drink. I have no problem with anyone enjoying a glass of wine or drinking responsibly, it’s not a moral issue for me. I just don’t respond well to alcohol. It relaxes me a bit too much and acts like a sleeping pill so I don’t find it fun. Thankfully pie doesn’t have that effect. In the weeks ahead I will be sharing with you the pie we eat and the books we read. Conversation after having the wine is off the record (I’m not stupid). Last night I had  Sweet Strawberry Cream Cheese and my niece had S’Mores Galore. I don’t mind telling you that I wanted to trade. Mine was sooo good but her’s made my eyes widen. Marshmallows, chocolate? What was I thinking?!  I don’t have Shari’s actual pictures but I will work on that so you can enjoy them along with us (insert chuckle here).


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  1. My personal favorite is a toss-up between key lime and French silk. Obviously the mood that inspires a hankering for key lime will be different from the mood that inspires a desire for French silk. 🙂 Have fun with your book club!

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