Home Sweet Home


Today is cloudy and a cool 50 degrees. They expect some snow tonight in the high country. I was thinking today how small things become important when you are desperate. I actually was looking forward to shopping for a new bra. Old faithful finally broke and I knew it was time to bite the bullett. They have an amazing store here called Fred Meyer. It has EVERYTHING under one roof so I eagerly went shopping. I can’t EVER remember being excited to go bra shopping. I came home with everything on the list but. I remember now why it’s not fun. I was there an hour and a half, unheard of for me, but it’s a feast for the eyes. The clothes and merchandise are higher end and they have this fun game where they put things on sale for 40% off but the original price is marked up to like $44. It ends up being what you would normally expect to buy a decent shirt for, but not cheap. The highlight is when they put things on clearance for 50% off the marked down price. Now we are talking!  I don’t get much of a thrill out of shopping anymore but I have to admit I was dazzled. I kept imagining what my daughter would think. She would be squealing!

I sent in another job app today. The postings are open until mid to end of May which means I won’t hear for awhile but I’m feeling more positive. Doing the footwork and letting go of the outcome has helped. My resume looks impressive if I do say so myself.  My niece, Telva and I will start our own book club next week. We are so excited. Wine is allowed, although not required, and there is a restaurant here that has free pie on Wednesdays so that was a no brainer. I wonder if a potential employer will consider that job experience? Our first book will be “True Sisters” by Sandra Dallas.

I’m starting to feel like this is home, I know my way around enough in the car to not panic and the routine at home is getting easier. I finally remembered to hold the toilet- paper- roll- thingy together (so the spring doesn’t go flying) when I change it and now I can find the bathroom in the dark without a night-light.  I also remember my phone, address and zipcode,  AND Bianca kissed me. Wow, I think that qualifies as residency.


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  1. Ha ha, I wish I had your weather. We are in a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning right now, and it looks pretty scary out to the north. I would much rather have the 50’s too, it was 85 today. Do you miss Iowa now?

  2. This sounds so happy, Marsella! I would love to come sit in your book club and eat pie and drink wine (although I would only be able to drink a tiny bit or I wouldn’t be good for conversation). The weather there is vastly different from our weather– HUMID! Ick!

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