Women And Adventure


I’m on a roll. Laura Childs’ book was a simple (don’t expect great literature here) but enjoyable read. Not very complicated, (that’s why they are called cozy mysteries), but I’ve learned a lot about tea and Charleston through her books. The author has spiced Theodosia Browning up a bit in the last two so she doesn’t turn into a doud. I admit I read the first one because of the name “Theodosia”,  for the tea, and to visit Charleston. I like the ongoing characters in her books and so far I haven’t gotten bored. That is the difficult challenge in a long running mystery series.

Next…. it’s 1856 and Mormon missionaries go to Scandinavia and Europe to inspire men and women to convert to their LDS religion. They persuade them to travel to America and settle Salt Lake City. These foreigners set out with great faith, on foot from Iowa City headed for the “promised land”. As always Sandra Dallas paints vivid pictures in words of  the strong women, friendship and faith it took to survive the trek to Utah. I was fascinated by the research in “True Sisters” about the two-wheeled handcarts that were the “poor mans” means of traveling  more than 1300 miles  through brutal terrain. This novel is based on a true story and taught me a part of American history I knew little about. Really good book and hard to put down. I love how Ms. Dallas portrays women and relationships and I have yet to be disappointed by one of her books.

I am now reading “Everything Under the Sky” and it’s a delicious blend of intrigue, intellect and geography. A widow of Spanish birth in 1923 Paris travels to Shanghai to settle the affairs of her slain husband. They shared a marriage of convenience and lived apart for twenty years. Even though they enjoyed a friendship, this widow is disturbed to find that everything is not as it seemed. Instead of  returning to Paris with a small inheritance she finds her husband’s estate  riddled with debt… But wait!!  She finds that he owns a box that holds the clues to the tomb of the First Emperor and priceless treasure.  She joins forces with a quirky cast of characters and heads into the adventure of a lifetime, chased by relentless assassins. Oh goodie!!! I HAVE to get back to it now! Sorry “Book Thief”, (I’m so fickle)we’ll rendezvous later. I promise.


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