Cleopatra Is High Maintenance, But Generous


I’m learning about the differences between the Ming and Manchu dynasties in “Everything Under the Sky”. Thousands of years of history and we complain about having to learn about the Revolutionary War. It’s staggering and there are parts I have to read over again to grasp it. In between is this feisty, sarcastic heroine named Elvira. Yes, Elvira. She has no clue about what she is doing and is flying by the seat of her pants. I don’t know why (right), but I identify with her. I love these kind of historical-humorous-thrillers. It’s like riding a roller-coaster while laughing.

Kind of like my life? I had to follow up on a job app today that closed 10 days ago. I was agonizing whether to call or send an email, if that. Will I annoy them, will I appear pushy or presumptuous? I am told that in today’s competitive job market you have to put your name out there but I’m not so sure in the library field. The other frustration is not knowing. I would rather know that I am not in the running but I have been told that getting notice of that rarely happens. So did I do it? Yes, and, I have the knot in my stomach to prove it.  After all my agonizing I called on Friday only to be told I had to call back today. I get my self psyched up and call back this morning and find out the person was in a meeting, could I leave a message? I did but don’t expect to hear back. It just doesn’t feel right to me. I applied for a job today that lets you register a password so you can check back on the status of your application. Nice. I realize not all libraries are funded for that, nor are they large enough. I haven’t been at this that long and will have to build up some stamina and let go of things I can’t control. You’ll see how well I do with that.

Bianca reminds me more and more of Cleopatra. She has this foam bed that looks like a little barge; with her dog collar she looks like a queen on her throne. I feel like one of her handmaidens. She is very persistent in getting my attention (and a bit imperious) now that her stitches are days within getting removed. It can’t be soon enough. She has been driving everyone crazy. Trying to contain twenty pounds of diva with four legs is not as easy as it sounds. She looks at me with those big  kohl eyes and I melt. I’m sure together we really annoy the grown ups around here. It does have it’s perks though. Telva came home with two mouth-watering pieces of coffee cake and Bianca ordered me to eat one.


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