Chinese Soup


Circumstances forced me to pick “Agony of The Leaves” as my first read. I wanted to start with another choice but I am now required to follow the same rules of borrowing that every patron at the Hillsborough Library must. The Tea Shop Mystery and Sandra Dallas novel have a shorter check out time since they are new so I have to read them first. Boo Hoo, I know. These books will be quick reads for me so I’m not too broken up. There are scrumptious recipes like Haley’s Butter Cake or Peach Pecan Quick Bread to console me.

I had to polish up my resume today. I compare this to going to the dentist. Something unpleasant but necessary. I took Telva’s advice and moved things around on what feels like my “permanent record”, and looked at examples of other resumes. I guess it is the difference  between an ok book and one that catches your notice.  I am also following up on three jobs I applied for ten days ago. I liken that to pulling a tooth, painful but necessary as well. I’d rather know than not.

Bianca has been my little shadow. She figured out if she bumps my leg with her martini collar I’ll scratch her back. When I start scratching her back she quickly moves her head under my hand. After scratching her forehead she looks at me adoringly. She has a mongo set of stitches over her eye where a large cyst was removed, which is now drying up and getting itchy. I’m her hero for a few minutes. It’s the only time I get her full attention while her mom and dad are around. I’ll take what I can get.

top_ramen.jpg (280×280)

I wanted to share a yummy recipe that Telva invented with Top Ramen. She calls it Chinese Soup. You start with a package of Top Ramen-flavor of your choice. Start with two cups of water, then add 1 tblsp oyster sauce, 1 tsp rice vinegar and flavor packet, bring to a boil. Add any left over chicken, beef (1/2 c), chopped fresh veggies of your choice (2/3 c) then smash up dry noodle still in the package and add to sauce and boil for three minutes and serve. Garnish with chopped green onions. This is a meal in itself. Love it!


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  1. Kind of funny that you’re stuck waiting for books like the rest of us peons – it keeps you humble and reminds you of how frustrating it can be (insert evil laughter here). Look on the bright side; it can only serve to make you a better librarian (yeah, right, like that’s possible). Soup sounds yummy. Love you!

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