I’m In Heaven


I went to get a library card today and got the spiel of rules.  I was chuckling inside at how serious the guy was. I feel soooo normal now. It’s like a pacifier. I felt myself calming down inside. The world is not a scary place in a library. I came home with six books. I realized I need at least six to feel comfortable. Two just doesn’t cut it. I took for granted having books at my beck and call at any time.

Here’s what I checked out:

1. “how to love an american man: a true story” by Kristine Gasbarre

A New York serial dater returns to her small town and Grandma’s heartfelt advice.

2.”true sisters” by Sandra Dallas

A novel based on true events in1856.

3.”Potluck: Community on the Edge of Wilderness”

True book about the crazy sustaining friendships that build a community.

4. “Everything Under the Sky” by Matilde Asensi

A Spanish woman travels to China to recover the body of her dead husband and discovers a mysterious hidden treasure.

5. “Agony of the Leaves” by Laura Childs

Another Tea Shop Mystery with owner Theodosia Browning

6. “Wanton West: the Wild Women of Montana’s Frontier” by Lael Morgan

The seamier settlers of the wild west… you know, the ones buried outside the cemetery.

I get giddy at the thought of choosing the first one to read. It is similar to having a brand new box of crayons (perfectly sharpened) to look forward to.  I’ll keep you posted on which one wins.

Bianca is getting restless, her stitches are itching and she is dying to scratch and lick. She is also stuck with the added indignity of wearing a collar that looks like a martini glass, it bounces around and  clunks her in the head every time she wants to eat. She’s sneaky too, if you take it off she pretends to bend down to eat and then starts furtively licking her paw. Her bandages come off tomorrow. It must be agony to not be able to do what comes instinctively. She is conditioned by ancient programming. I’m not sure where my overwhelming urge to ask strangers what book they are reading comes from, but it’s there.


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