More Comfortable Than A Glass Slipper


I’m excited about the new Adriana Trigiani book. I’ve read them all and especially love the “Big Stone Gap” books. Maybe it’s because I’m part Italian?  Her novels tell wonderful stories of her ancestors arriving on the shores of America. They started over, remade themselves and founded families, businesses and adventure, with a little romance and heartache  thrown in. Her novels cover it all… from being a spinster pharmacist in a small village in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, to being a shoemaker in old Italy.

You don’t find hand made leather shoes anymore, at least not in my neighborhood. They would be the equivalent to a couture gown. You wouldn’t think shoe making would be interesting but it is and I found myself transported to realms of dressmaking, shoe designing, woman entrepreneurs and old world glamour. These people get around.

Speaking of which…I’m going to coffee at Peet’s today with my niece and hear all about her landmark birthday. The pictures on Facebook tell me she had a great time. Miss Bianca is doing much better and is already begging me for her cookies. She’s just like me and wants to eat her dessert first. I’m having trouble reading “The Book Thief” because of the subject matter. I’m not sure I’m in the right frame of mind for this but we’ll see. Timing is everything. But then again, might also be my way of justifying going to the library tomorrow. I’m wily when it comes to reading.

It’s been cool and cloudy the last two days. Heard Iowa is getting hammered with some heat. They will be glad to hear that there is just as long (if not longer) a hold list for new books. We want things faster and faster, there is no keeping up. It is heartening to know that reading is statistically going through the roof with e-reading. iPADS are already changing the face of teaching.  It won’t be long before they invent a chip to embed in the human body and we won’t have to hold anything. You heard it here first.


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  1. Oh, I LOVED “The Book Thief”! Put it aside and try again when you’re in a different state of mind – I bet you’ll really enjoy it. I wasn’t aware of Trigiani’s new book – it sounds like something I’d like. You read it first and tell me if I’ll like it. 😉

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