The Beaver?


I always felt sorry for the kid in “Leave it to Beaver”. How cute is it to have your teeth compared to a beaver ? Why is it we come up with dopey nick names for our loved ones? I can’t seem to help myself. Lately I’ve started calling young kids honey. I call Telva ,”Telvie” or a childhood name my mom used to call her, “Telva-bell”. Where the heck did that come from? Maybe it was belle? It’s in my data bank and comes out every once in a while. If they know you hate the tag, parents use it all the more. My family used to call me a name (you will never get it out of me) that my sister invented when she couldn’t pronounce my real name and they thought it was adorable.  I loathed it. It’s no longer amusing when you are a grown up with your own children, but yet I persist in calling my kids by the same monikers.  Hopefully they will be as annoyed with me as I was with my family, it’s only fair. Or maybe it can be an endearing reminder of good times?

Speaking of annoying… Did you know there is a blog written by the “Annoyed Librarian”? It’s on the Library Journal blog and it’s hilarious. This librarian is snooty, snotty, smart and sarcastic, I loved it. I found this when I was doing job research (really) and chuckled all the way through it.  Check it out. I found a couple more jobs to apply for, I was getting nervous. One is in Oregon and one is in Washington. It’s time for me to check back with my other app’s-although I hate this part. You always feel like you are bothering them, (you don’t know how many others are checking back) or being pushy but it is expected. Drat.

We had some technical difficulties last night with Wifi so I didn’t get to post this. Bianca did well yesterday with her surgery but she looks like she’s been in a dog AND cat fight. She has stitches on both sides of her forehead and three of her paws. She’s a little trooper and very uncomfortable today. I miss her begging for treats. It was also Telva’s birthday yesterday and I made a Mexican menu for dinner. I tried enchiladas in the crock pot because it was too warm outside to turn the oven on. They turned out great and were so easy.

We went to Cannon beach on Sunday and had a great time. It was a cloudless blue sky and warm breezes. The picture was taken by my niece at sunset. Nice weekend. Not much reading getting done. I started both books and seem to switch back and forth. The content of “The Book Thief” is heavy although Zusak does a good job at providing a fantasy element to the horror of Nazi Germany. Very creative writer. This book was written based on some of his parents stories from that time. Wonder what he will do next? That’s what keeps us coming back.


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  1. Did I miss a story along the way? What happened to Bianca? I hope she wasn’t in your care when this horrible thing happened to you. So glad you got out to the Oregon coast on such a beautiful day. I’m amused that you have already had a day too warm to turn the oven on! Good luck on the job front. With Elyse finding that she needs a Master’s degree, I worry that prospective employers will go by the book and not by experience. Maybe you should pop into some of these libraries and overwhelm them with your energy. You would definitely be more impressive in person than on paper, don’t you think? Happy belated birthday to Telva! Such an unusual name. Where did it come from?

    • Bianca has some growths that had to be taken off her paws, eyebrow and eyelid. She was chewing at the them too much. She’s had them removed before and are a part of being an older Bichon. Elyse is getting so much experience working in a small town library. It’s amazing how more expansive these jobs are. She won’t have trouble with experience. The problem with the jobs I’ve applied for is they are all a ways away. Not a problem to move to but popping in would be difficult. I agree with you about the in-person thing though. Telva is her grandmother’s name. She lives in a small town in Texas. They have unusual names in the south.

    • Thanks for the belated birthday greetings, Judy. I was named after my aunt by the midwife that delivered her. It’s Argentinian originally. If you are on facebook just search on Telva and you’ll see that there are many hundreds of us in existence! I REALLY like the fact that Marsella won’t say what HER nickname was, but she freely broadcasts mine into ether-land. I knew there was a reason that wireless wasn’t working last night. It was an omen that I should get to read the blogs before they are published from now on.

  2. I will share my childhood moniker for all: “Sister Bear” or and I believe “Eese” was used at one time. Now that I am older I do appreciate and love those names, just as long as they are not mentioned in public 😉

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