Mirror, Mirror


What a day! Gorgeous, cloudless sky, warm temps and lots of people out and about. We ran errands and went to lunch and I had a wonderful day. Not because of what we did, or the weather, but oddly enough because of a conversation. Surprises you doesn’t it? We were talking about a book I read a long time ago on birth order. In fact I think it is called “The Birth Order Book”. It explains why the order in which we are born into a family shapes who we become. It started all three of us on this great discussion on what roles we played with our siblings and in our families and also how our parents influenced who and what we became. It was a conversation rich in memories of the roles our fathers and mothers played and how, even if you are determined to do otherwise, you develop characteristics of one or both of them. I learned a lot about my friends today and they learned a little more about me over fried clams. What could be better?

Intimacy. A word that is thrown about and strikes fear in the hearts of most men. It really is about simple conversations. Details that we don’t ever get around to sharing. I am so fortunate to share a friendship with someone that has known me all of my life. We’ve truly seen the worst of each other (and our parents) but we’ve also witnessed the best and we can remind each other of those moments as time fades our recollections. We are better for them either way.

Tonight we watched a movie that I recommended called “The Milagro Bean Field War” made in 1988. Robert Redford directed and it has a great cast. It’s always at great risk that you recommend a movie. You are watching your friends and notice every twitch and sigh and start to wonder if they really like it… or are they being polite? Times have changed dramatically in moving making since the eighties. I remembered this being a simple, sweet movie and it has stood the test of time but I heard my kids echoing in my ear…”This is so lame and boring”. They said they enjoyed it and it went really well with our dinner of guacamole and chips.

Telva and Bruce are getting the cold I had last weekend and I wonder if we’ll make it to the beach tomorrow? I’ve spent all of my childhood either around or in water so I’m looking forward to seeing the ocean again and by golly they are determined to take me. Who am I to argue?


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