Stranger Than Fiction?


I admit that I liked “Julia’s Chocolates” much better than Cathy Lamb’s newest book. “The Last Time I Was Me” opens with Jeanne Stewart’s drunken diatribe to a room full of fellow PR execs. It went down hill from there. This character was obnoxious, angry, (and with good reason) but she just couldn’t capture my sympathy. That’s what you need to like such a mess of a woman.  She packs up, sells everything (of course money is no problem) and runs away to Oregon. Instead of me being inspired by this gutsy, spunky person trying to turn her life around I found myself wanting to tell her… Shut. Up! She is at times verbally abusive and feels entitled. She signs up for an anger management class but brings her smart mouth with her. The instructor of the class seems to have anger issues with the class members and yet you get the idea that they don’t have serious anger issues, it was just the “circumstances” that brought them to the class. Yeah, right. Don’t get me started on her court appearance or the governor. All the cutest shoes in the world can’t save this story.

I simply did not like this character. The story had great bones but everything was too extreme, too much and unbelievable. Running naked, at night, by yourself, with a psycho close by to prove yourself? Puhlleeeze.  Jeanne is UNBELIEVABLE. Why not call this a Fantasy. I think you will find “Julia’s Chocolates” much more to your liking. But that’s just me.

I searched WA/OR for new job postings today and volunteered to help with a new branch library being set up in Aloha. Starting to get very bored. I started “The Book Thief” and am already dipping into “The Age of Innocence”. Edith Wharton was the first woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize in 1920 for this work of fiction. Looking forward to all the decadence and dilettantes. Rain and quiche for dinner.


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