Wrapped Up In A Warm Fuzzy


What a wonderful day yesterday was! I got to celebrate a landmark birthday with a niece I adore. We made our maiden voyage to the famous Powell’s bookstore in downtown Portland. We road the trolley, ate in an authentic Mexican cafe and spent the most wonderful day walking, talking and looking at books. I recommended a book to her and she to me, our own mini book club. I toured her wonderful apartment and we finished the day off with dinner here at home.  Telva cooked and made cupcakes instead of a birthday cake (supposedly you eat less that way) and we sat around laughing and telling tales of the old days. Telva and Bruce did some table dancing (not on the table but at the table) that had us holding our sides in glee and of course the day wouldn’t be complete without Telva telling some embarrassing stories about me.  I’m telling you I was pooped last night. Portland is hilly and my niece is built like a colt.

She attended Portland State and knew her way around. We talked about how scarey it was for her to move to a new town, not knowing anyone. I can relate. She said it was good for her and we admitted that it is much easier when you have a loved one in your backyard. We both have extended family here so when things get tough you have a warm fuzzy to snuggle up to.

I am lucky to make friends quickly. Strangers love to talk to me in the grocery store line. I’m not sure what it is about me. I’ve come to be a good listener. I wasn’t always so, but having kids helped and my former husband contributed to that skill as well. At any rate being in a new place is not as intimidating to me as someone who isn’t comfortable with people they don’t know. Now riding the light rail? Whole different thing. My niece promised to give me lessons. I’m much more comfortable on water than land. A ferry? No problem. Something mechanical on wheels, not so much. Puzzling I know.

I now have a mini stack of books so feel decadently rich at the moment. I will be reading a Cathy Lamb book then “A Reliable Wife” by Robert Goolrick and  ultimately”The Book Thief”. I’ve been wanting to read Zusak’s book for a long time and had a copy that my son “borrowed” while visiting and I’ve not seen it since. Ironically I had to come to Oregon to borrow a copy from my niece.  Books are a warm fuzzy for me, the only thing equal to them would be a hug and a favorite blankey. Telva joked I was isolating and I was so surprised. This is my normal. Books are television for me and I look forward to spending time with them when the day is done. I get refueled, oddly enough… maybe because they are quiet? When I am done though, I am anything but.


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