Simplicity As An App.


My-soon-to-be-21 son gave me the sweetest compliment. I was facebook nagging him about giving me feedback on my blog. Mostly because he is always posting links to his Facebook page and I think while he is there he could just as easily zip over to my link. I told him that I knew some of them were too long for his liking (I am a woman after all) but  I was thinking of getting some help jazzing the site up a bit and adding some apps. I don’t have a camera, nor do I have the desire (or finances) to have the latest phone, so I can’t add pictures yet but that is a goal. Photos do have their own language. Anyway, he has writing in his blood and I value his opinions. I thought I would get detailed technical advice. This is essentially what he said.

“No, I don’t always remember to read your stuff. Yes, it can be long but I wouldn’t doll it up with a lot of apps. I think it is appealing in it’s simplicity.” My son can cut to the chase with the shortest sentences possible. It used to drive me crazy but then I read “The Male Brain” and it forever changed how I look at male communication. When I am with my son we sit and talk like a house on fire. We are kindred spirits and have a lot to say to each other. But with emails, not so much and the phone can be dicey too. I have thought a lot about his response and I realized there is a lot to be said for keeping it simple. I am not a shopper or one that needs a lot to do but I do love conversation. Simplicity is not about stupidity or a lack of imagination or money for that matter. It’s a choice, a style, an application of it’s own and carries it’s own outcome.

Keeping it simple means you can’t rely on anything other than a basic concept. My son reminded me that there are all kinds of people on the planet with different needs. The written word is a powerful thing, it’s power lies in how interesting you find it. SHORT and simple is a whole other ball game. I’m already up to 400 words.

I am feeling frustrated with the lack of reading material I’ve had. I don’t like having one or two choices, I like having stacks of books to choose from, preferably on my night stand. I am committed to getting myself a stack of new ones this weekend. The sun is out briefly and I am feeling inspired to get back to my roots. Books and talking about them. Keep it simple.


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