It was a painfully beautiful weekend. Painful because the sunshine hurts your eyes. I haven’t seen it this sunny since I arrived. I did yard work yesterday and I didn’t even mind picking up Bianca’s dog poop. Yep, that is part of a dog nanny’s job. It took me a day to trust that it really was cloudless and sunny. I was waiting for the rain clouds to move in. They have had an unusually long rainy season but it hasn’t bothered me as much as I thought it would.

Today Telva and I decided to leave Bruce in peace to work and drove to a small town called Vernonia.  A town of about 2,200 or so? It had a very charming downtown main street and a wonderful restaurant called Black Bear Cafe. We walked around the town a bit and I loved the old fashioned library that was actually built in 1999. It was white and had a front porch with little columns. Adorable. I wished it had been open. People were friendly and everyone we passed smiled and said hi. After working up an appetite we moseyed over to the Black Bear window where a table displayed  little old ladies drinking tea. Well…I’m assuming they were old, they were all skeletons. It was hilarious, they all had little Easter hats and gloves on and looked like they were cackling. I was cackling! We sat outside and had a delicious lunch with great waitstaff  and I talked about how nice it would be to live there and work in the library. It wasn’t until we went inside to pay our tab that Telva explained to me that the Bears were supposed to have “eaten” the ladies at the table.  Golly.  Missed that. I was too distracted by their precious little hats and gloves.

We visited a great shop called Miv which only carried arts and crafts from locals. We also explored a small park that fronted a gorgeous river that the town nestles around. I asked some girls who were walking by why there was a lifeguard chair perched near the rushing rapids and she explained that the city damned it up for summer swimming. Wow. Everything is unbelievably green and lush and I saw lots of Boston ferns growing wild. It reminded me a bit of the beautiful Poudre River that was in my own back yard in Colorado,but a lot less populated. I like that.

We got home tired and sated with sunshine. Bruce and Bianca greeted us at the door. Bianca has to have surgery soon and has been wearing one of those lamp shade thingies around her neck to keep from licking. I felt sorry for her because she looked so insulted. She woofs when she wants to drink water because she can’t get to her water bowl with it on. Bruce fired up the grill for the first time this year and we had the most amazing fresh Salmon. A wonderful weekend indeed.

I’ve found several other library jobs to apply for in northern Washington. One is on San Juan Island and I’m afraid to even get my hopes up because it sounds so wonderful. I grew up on an island so it sounds really appealing. I feel so lucky to be in the Pacific Northwest. Let’s hope that turns out to be true!


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