Attraction Rather Than Promotion


I love that statement. It is so easy in today’s world to put a glitzy, slick spin on something. I had to update my resume and fill out job applications. Not fun. I don’t like the pressure of selling myself. Not because I don’t have any self-confidence but because I would much rather have someone see  and experience who I  am, rather than sell myself in a word document.  It’s all about using the right words and tools to compete with everyone’s electronic profiles. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the challenges Human Resources have trying to narrow down the pool of thousands of resumes but I also know that a lot of potentially valuable, bright employees end in e-trash. Technology is changing the face (no pun intended) of how we interact with each other.

It’s not just about who I am as a person but what technology I know. I’v taken computer classes but to be honest it doesn’t always stick if I don’t use it consistently. It’s not always about how smart you are either. I’m a visual learner and repetition is my best tool. I’m not  an analytical  thinker but I’m a critical thinker. I live with very analytical, brainy people and sometimes, they think I’m a little slow on the uptake. It’s what kind of uptake we’re talking about. I don’t understand a lot of what they discuss with each other concerning the technical aspects of computers or software issues but I am excellent at sizing up people and connecting on different  levels. I have a very high emotional I.Q. but not a high technical one. Remember the iced tea maker? Which is more valuable in the work place? In a perfect world, both. But they are rarely found together. I see my friends experience  personality  issues and conflicts in the work place more than any other challenge. I find these intriguing. How you interact with people is just as important as what you know. Technical or otherwise.

I can practice on a computer and learn anything. When my kids were teens they were viciously vocal about what a moron I was concerning computer skills. It made me determined to prove them wrong and I have. I also know now the last person to tutor a parent is their own teen. I learned a lot from all the bright, patient young people I’ve met at work  along the way. And I make sure my kids know it. This stuff isn’t brain surgery. When my kids coo at me “mom we are so proud of you for learning how to cut and paste” I want to return with “back at you for learning how to pick up your clothes.”  Piece of cake.

I received a gift card for books and ordered a set of Edith Wharton novels and they arrived yesterday. Such a deal, three books for $6.99!  After reading “Used and Rare” I’ve decided to start my own collection of classic books and great reads. I  know there are e-books now that will change the way we provide reading material to the masses and I enjoy the thrill of getting a book anywhere-anytime, but I also know that there will always be those of us who need to feel paper between our fingers and pour over the colorful book jackets and art work, to meander through rows of books and pull them out and open them like treasure boxes, to see, interact, and smile with people who share the same weakness. It’s pure attraction and promotion at it’s best.


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