I went to visit Vancouver, Washington today. It has a population of about 165,ooo people. Telva and I went exploring potential places I would find appealing to live. Portland is a tad too big and sprawling for me but I’m looking at everything.  I’m not big on commuting and that  is a way of life if you choose to live in a city this size. We crossed over the Willamette  and the Columbia which were breathtaking, to reach the first small town named Camas. It was a charming city of about 18,000 with a really sweet downtown area.  Their library was quaintly modern even though it was built in 1928. We stopped in at Natalia’s cafe and had lunch. The menu had Russian dishes and we heard the Russian language being used by some of the guests, imagine that with a name like Natalia’s. The food was great and Telva raved about the Borscht. I LOVED this town.

Then we proceeded to Vancouver to the farmers market on Esther Street. We had a blast walking around the many booths, listening to a great band and even snagged a few rays of sunshine, treats and some flowers. I sampled a brownie at Sterling Catering that was UNBELIEVABLE! I thought I was eating a chocolate truffle. Chef Joe Sterling had some amazing stuffed ginger cookies that Telva “made” me taste. The main Vancouver library is new, opening last July. It is striking made up of five stories of glass and steel with the latest green technology. I got my first library card there. This wasn’t a day to hang at libraries so we were off to see more of Vancouver. Vancouver is definitely on my list of possibilities as well as Camas.

We crossed back over the mighty Columbia and entered downtown Portland. I had only seen it from a distance at night so I was pleasantly surprised to see it was just as beautiful in the daytime. The University of Portland is there so we saw many hipsters and young people hanging out. I saw girls in hotpants with sheer patterned hose and boots that were tres chic. Frankly it was hard to notice the guys, they couldn’t compete with that look. Downtown Portland is pretty pricey to live and much too large for me but I enjoyed seeing it none the less.

By now it was five pm and I was shocked at how fast the day went. We picked up Bruce and headed to their favorite Chinese restaurant that had the best cuisine I’ve ever tasted. I had my first taste of dim sum and I’m hooked. We had little steamed dumplings stuffed with shrimp and pork. Delicious! It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. I barely had time to miss Bianca. Pictures tomorrow.


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    • The Chinese was very different than A8. It was more authentic. They had cooked ducks hanging in this glass room and aquariums of fish. Love hearing from you and miss you!

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