Ten Points


I made a gorgeous pitcher of iced tea today with the tea maker, Telva threw yesterday’s away. I cleaned three bathrooms today, dusted and successfully used the vacuum cleaner. All and all a good day. I realized it is very satisfying cleaning someone else’s house. Maybe it’s because you know how much someone else will appreciate coming home and relaxing instead of cleaning. Cleaning my own seems like a good thing to put off.

The only challenge today was getting frozen chicken out of it’s bag  to cook in the crock-pot. Bruce had to help. Did you know you can put a hunk of frozen meat in a crock pot for six hours with nothing else and have perfect meat with it’s own gravy?  Since arriving here, there is nothing I’ve written about in this blog I haven’t done myself a time or two, but when you move in with someone else you have to re-navigate everything to see it through their eyes. This is their home, not mine. They have their own way of doing things and I have mine. The trouble begins when you start to think your way is better. Look how many ways there are to make iced tea. Look how many crock-pot methods there are. Look how many kinds of Sharpies there are. Oh wait a minute, there is only one. I never KNEW there were knock-offs out there!

I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since I got here! Did you know that ShamWow soaks up animal pee instantly? I discovered that today when I forgot to let Bianca out. I would have gotten a wad of paper towels and stood on them until my socks were wet.  Not all my ways are better. All because I have finally gotten better at doing things differently. That hasn’t always been the case. When Telva met me at the airport she asked me “What’s with the Mullet”?  Hey…it’s a great haircut for people with no necks. Why don’t hair salons have pictures of hair styles with models with no necks? Not all of us have two feet necks you know. I guess Telva has a few things to learn from me too. So I’ll give myself ten points for the iced tea and look forward to what tomorrow will bring.


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