Captain’s Platter Please!


I have been dreaming about fresh seafood. One of the many highlights of moving here was being near the bread basket of the Pacific Ocean. I was treated to Telva and Bruce’s favorite restaurant tonight called The Peppermill. They have raved about it since they moved here three years ago. Surprisingly their favorite menu item is tater- tots. NOT fresh, delicious, delectable fish from the bountiful sea, but tater tots. For a minute I thought I was hearing things.

I had imagined this place to be very slick with dark mood lighting and lots of glass. Nope. It was a laid back family restaurant, warm and inviting. We walked in and this adorable waitress called across the dining room “Hey you guys, where have you been? I missed you!” I felt like I was with movie stars. She came to our table and kidded around and graciously shook my hand when they introduced me. I asked her what she would recommend and she said it was all good.

I went with the Captains Platter, a mouth watering array of halibut, shrimp and calamari deep fried. I asked if I could substitute  tater-tots for the french fries and she smiled and answered no problem. I normally don’t get crazy over spuds, fried or otherwise, but these tater-tots almost eclipsed the calamari. The platter was huge and heaped with a mountain of fish and tater-tots. I was speechless. The fish was good too.

I thought I was pretty sophisticated. I’ve been around a while but even I wasn’t prepared for Skerple.  I had to label a tray of potting soil where I had planted vegetable seeds and went digging in the miscellaneous drawer for a Sharpie. Everyone usually has one (David Beckham comes to mind) and I wasn’t disappointed. I start writing the names on the tray only to find a pale, watery imitation of what I expect from a Sharpie pen. I’d remembered that I had thrown a black Sharpie in my purse before leaving for the airport. Doesn’t everyone travel with a Sharpie?  After retrieving it, I beautifully (if I say so myself) labelled the tray. I thought I would gracefully replace their crappy old marker with the fresh one from my purse so the old Sharpie went into the trash.  Pretty generous of me heh? I don’t share my Sharpies with just anyone.

A discussion starts later after a t.v. program about Bruce being Skerpled. I’m thinking huh?!  Maybe this is a Portland word or some local skin rash, OR maybe there was something in those tater-tots! He starts digging through the same drawer as I had earlier as he is mumbling the word Skerpled. He proceeds to tell me that they had bought a whole pack of Sharpies at a flea market only to find out later they were creepy knock off Skerples that were designed to “look” like Sharpies to poor chumps trying to save a buck. “I know I have one in this drawer somewhere, I want to show it to them at work” I over hear him say. I start to sweat. It seems I had been Skerpled without ever having gone to the flea market. Thankfully it was still in the trash. So watch out…you don’t want to be Skerpled, I mean scammed, when you need a water-proof pen.

Life has gotten so interesting that my books aren’t the priority. I maybe got one chapter in each of my books read today. I like both of them so far. It’s kind of funky reading the oh-so-proper “Real Downton Abbey” and the bizarre “Swamplandia” simultaneously. It’s hard to compete with a castle but the gators are holding their own.


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  1. Hahaha you’ve been sleepless! Your writing makes me smile and while I’m coming home on the train, I’ve waited to read your blog until now so I could savour it quietly. Hmmm tator toys! I wonder what you’ve cooked up for dinner tonight?

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