I KNEW the dishwasher would get me in trouble. And don’t get me started on the iced-tea-maker! I thought these devices were to make ones life easier? It will take more training than I realized to become a domestic diva. My friends are helping me start over, or is it do-over? Anyway, I insisted on working off my moving expenses that were kindly provided for me. I needed to feel that I had some stake in my new life and it was the right thing to do.

I am creating a dog nanny/housekeeper/girl Friday job description . I’m not sure what girl Friday means but it sounds good doesn’t it? I’d guess that would cover everything that isn’t covered under the other two. Now everyone knows that arguments over how to load the dishwasher can bring about talk of divorce, or at the very least sleeping on the couch. I’m not  covered by the sanctity (or paperwork) of marriage but fortunately am covered by guest/trainee. I’m having problems remembering that you can put the dishes directly into the dishwasher without rinsing, scrubbing or generally washing them first. Loading them is a whole other nightmare. I learned tonight that the way I had loaded the dishes (Wedgwood bought in England at great sacrifice) would create mosaic tiles. Evidently there is a clearance issue. I have had many dish washers in my career (the cheesey- wash -your -own- dishes- first kind) but never the responsibility of good china. Pretty much anything that I treasured in my family got busted, flooded, dropped, chipped or mysteriously disappeared. It’s a lot of pressure.

The iced tea maker I don’t get. At home I got a pitcher with water, threw in a couple cold brew tea bags, put it in the fridge and when I looked again I had cold tea. Here, iced tea requires a special container you plug in, measuring lines for ice and water and a special basket to put the tea bags in. I stood there for ten minutes this morning before I got the nerve to ask Bruce where do I put the tea bags? When Telva demonstrated this all to me on Sunday I obviously was more concerned with the KINDS of tea  to use and missed the part on where the tea bags go in the special basket. The special basket ironically was in the dishwasher. The tea when it was finished looked like very pale, brown water. Evidently I didn’t put the tea bags in the right direction in the basket. Who knew?

I’m really not an idiot, I just feel like one. I hate not knowing what I’m doing or how to take care of things that aren’t mine. That is the miracle we take for granted in having our own home. We develop our own routines and no one knows when we drink out of the milk carton. You should have seen Telva’s face when I joked about doing that. It’s only fun when it’s your own house. I have been hanging by a cuticle the last year and am trying to relax now but it isn’t easy. My daughter reminded me that I got here Saturday night after an exhausting week of cleaning and moving and it’s only Tuesday.  Oh yeah. I forgot.

I put the pressure on myself, my hosts are generous, loving and flexible with this awkward room mate in their midst. I feel at home already and feel very grateful. Still, I can’t help feeling like a very old little kid, or maybe a foreign exchange student? I need to start singing that song “What a difference a day makes…24 little hours”.  Life completely changes in a day. I did fix a nice dinner tonight that was greatly appreciated. I need to chill out, have some iced tea.

Bianca taught me a lesson today. I took her for a walk to the mailbox and realized half way there that I put her dog harness on wrong and it was listing to one side.  She never even noticed and could have cared less. She was excited to be outside and in the moment. I knew she’d be training me!


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  1. I can just picture you with the ice tea maker, although I never knew they existed! If it’s any consolation I am trying to learn to cook without you and feel a little lost and confused 😉

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