Training to be Bianca’s Nanny

Training to be Bianca’s Nanny

I LOVE this dog!  Telva and Bruce rescued a Bichon six years ago and her name is Bianca. She is now twelve and I’ve fallen under her spell. She is the sweetest thing. She was just groomed and had cute little bows on her ears for my arrival. I will be caring for her at home while I am unemployed so I was getting instructions today on her feeding schedule. I started to put a scoop of food in her bowl and Telva barked, (sorry, I couldn’t help it…really) “She has to lay down first, don’t talk in a baby voice to her, you must be the alpha dog”. Now those of you who know me will agree that I don’t have a problem being an alpha dog but I looked at her big dark eyes and crumpled like cheap shoes. She started eating out of her bowl and Telva  MADE me make her go lie down first before I could let her eat.  It was agony. It is so much easier to do this with your own children-I mean dog.

I feel like her granny all ready and want to do things like invite her up in my lap and eat with me at the table.  BUT I am not a total moron, I know that is not good for her tummy so I will do the right thing and be the grown up nanny when she is left in my care.  I don’t mean to insult my kids but there is a mothering thing going on here that I seem to need right now.  Bianca is very sedate and lady like and doesn’t bark or fart. In fact I fart more than she does, it’s embarrassing. She stares at you when she has to go outside to do her business and she also stares at you when she wants water so I’ll have to practice recognizing the difference. Hope she doesn’t fire me.

Telva taught me to make Chinese soup today, yum, and we caught up on all the embarrassing stories of our childhood which I am not going to repeat. Too many of them are about me. We talked about my potential resume and job possibilities and goals, ugh, I’m not there yet. I got here Saturday and already feel the clock ticking even though my welcome here has been relaxed and laid back. I am in training and will learn a lot from Bianca.


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  1. Be a good mommy to Bianca and don’t let her get fat!!! Excess weight shortens a dog’s life and you don’t want that to happen. Our vet said that Maggie’s low weight is what helped to keep her around for 16+ years. Cindy and Les had two Bichons that we cared for occasionally. So darn cute!

  2. You are right she is adorable! I am glad you are finding joy in mothering her. This does make me want a dog though (preferably one with Bianca’s temperament.)

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