I Don’t Think I’m in Iowa Anymore…


I realized that when I woke up to green all around me. It resembles a rain forest here, although they have trees that are budding out too. There are so many evergreen trees, more varieties than I’ve ever seen in one place. Telva and her husband Bruce were welcome faces at the end of a long journey. I had two great flights on Frontier and had a great visit with my wonderful son in Denver during my four hour layover. I did get choked up earlier when the plane headed out of Iowa. Fortunetly I was sitting by myself. I couldn’t stop if I tried. Can’t you just picture a guy sitting next to me when I start bawling? He probably would have asked for a different seat- thinking it could be terror at thirty thousand feet from the Twilight Zone.

I saw downtown Portland last night and it was spectacular. So beautiful all lit up. Went to the library today, one of many. It was  striking with a children’s area that was all glassed in. It was seductively familiar. Have to wait till I get some mail to get my library card so send me a note! I feel like the country mouse in the big city…wait, I am the country mouse in the big city! There are many stores here that are nationwide but also ones that are unique to this area just like in Iowa and Colorado. Public transit is huge here and a bit overwhelming to me. That will take some getting used to. I got my first key today for my key ring and that felt good. I will get to see a beloved niece (who lives here) I haven’t seen in too long. Baby steps…

I am taking one day at a time and reminding myself I’m in a huge transition. It has been great talking to my friend and all the childhood memories we’ve shared and reminiscing about our first apartment together. Seems like yesterday. Bruce is a very patient man. Talked to my daughter today and she is surviving very well without me. We all must develop our own lives if we want to move forward. It’s good to miss loved ones, you appreciate them all the more. I found it hard to read on the plane and was too fried when I crawled into a wonderfully delicious bed and crashed.

I started “Swamplandia” by Karen Russell in Iowa but was too distracted to read but I will pick it back up this week. It is very odd but entertaining so far. I mean what’s not to like about a girl raised in a gator-wrestling theme park? Just in case I didn’t want to read it on the plane I felt “compelled” to wander into a book store in the airport and purchase “Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey” by The Countess of Carnarvon. She is the current owner of the estate where the BBC is filming Downton Abbey. Fascinating look into the last of the immensely wealthy but fading aristocracy of Great Britain. If you haven’t seen the latest two seasons of the wildly popular BBC hit check it out at your local library. You won’t be disappointed.

I saw a woman reading a Kindle on the plane and was a bit jealous because lugging books around can be a challenge in an airport. Although used books are my future for the pleasure of owning them, I won’t regret purchasing new books  because they are eye candy for me. Unfortunately so is chocolate, a double whammy.


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  1. Miss you already – great post! I love how the first thing you did was go to a library–that’s so you! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about your life in Oregon! (And you’ll have to let me know what you think about Swamplandia…it looked – interesting?)

  2. Isn’t Oregon beautiful? Have Telva take you downtown (weekends?) where people set up food carts of wonderful delicacies. You are going to love it there!

    • The downtown skyline at night was breathtaking. Bruce and Telva both work near downtown so I’m sure I’ll get the tour eventually. They both work long hours so I want them to decide when and it’s not like I’m going anywhere soon. They are letting me acclimate and I’m bonding with their Bichon, Bianca. She is 12 and such a sweetheart. I’ll be her nanny for a while. It is beautiful here and more what I am used to with all the evergreen trees.

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