No more doors to unlock.


For the first time ever I have no keys on my key ring. Very odd feeling. I truly have given up all my ties to Iowa (except for Elyse and Gene) and will have a new set of keys soon. I officially finished cleaning my apartment today and handed in my last key, I sold my car and gave those keys to the new owner and gave my daughter back her spare key. I don’t like having keys that are mystery keys so I stay on top of what they open. I have been flummoxed a time or two but use the adage if I haven’t used it in a year throw it away. I know I don’t have any treasure chests lying around so I think it’s safe.

Speaking of my empty apartment…I was truly ready to throw EVERYTHING in the dumpster by the end of the day. How do we get so much pieces of stuff? Cleaning supplies, paper towels, rags, scrub brushes, garbage bags, doo-hickies that you don’t dare throw away but want to. It took countless trips to the car and dumpster and then had to drag the vacuum cleaner out to the car and I TRULY wanted to put that in the dumpster. Everything got heavier and heavier the more tired I became. I’ve been too tired to read and have resorted to glancing at magazines. They are just my speed for the next two days. I’m VERY excited to get a library card in Portland. A whole new horizon. The next time I talk to you I’ll be in Oregon.

I have been showered with cards, gifts and lots of lunches and dinners the last week and have been touched by all the outpouring of love. I was frankly surprised. I wish I could have done it back at them because I have met some wonderful people at our library and feel so lucky to connect with these special Iowans. When you see Elyse give her a hug from me. I will miss her but I know she will blossom on her own in her cute little nest. Being a parent is about saying goodbye from the moment they are put in your arms.

The movers said they would be here a day later than planned then called a day early and said they were coming. He walked in my house and said “We were told you only had 20 boxes…what happened”? I had 47. Now some of them were things like pillows and lamps and beloved junk that wasn’t heavy. I told him 20 boxes was an estimate from six weeks ago, it looked like I had a lot less stuff before I started packing. Just like moving takes three times as long as you think it will, so does estimating how much stuff you have. Just guess and triple it.


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  1. I totally know the feeling since I just went through a move myself. Though I wish I only had 47 boxes to unpack! lol. But you will be missed and hope all goes well in Oregon.

  2. Wow! You must be really excited to be finally on your way to a whole new adventure. I hope Oregon doesn’t disappoint. Who knows? We may be neighbors one of these days! At any rate, we will be sure to see you when we come to visit. We haven’t even talked about traveling yet. Just too soon to make any plans, but we will let you know. Enjoy the rain! This week they have been getting snow, much to Jen’s delight! We are having a warm, dry spring. 😦 Be well. Love, Judy

    • Oregon can’t disappoint me, so many libraries, so little time. I’m thrilled I’ll see you some time this year. Love and miss you and will have a lot to share.

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