What plan?


I’m at the library and it feels weird being on this side of the internet. I also got my haircut and it now looks good from the back as well as the front. It feels good to get things ship-shape. I packed my clothes last night and have three tubs. A tub of small, medium and large fat clothes. I have always been on the generous side of Italian, plus a large slice of Irish. Honestly, it’s the recipes. I have gleefully noticed that all my thin relatives are now heavier and battling the bulge. These are the people who used to tell me it was mind over matter while popping Dexedrine in the 70’s. Boo hoo.

I also put the finishing touches on a dresser that I started twenty five years ago that I want to take with me. It looks great and was very rewarding. I will start packing in earnest this weekend, really. I work well under pressure (lots of practice) and am finally ready. I expected to be bored and lonely this week without a car and internet but I haven’t been. I can’t believe how fast the week has passed. I always have my books but the stack is growing shorter and I will be sad to turn the last one in.

I finished “Left Early, Took My Dog” and I didn’t like it. It was quirky but not in a good way. The story felt disjointed to me and was confusing. She has three characters who lives intersect and she weaves the story back and forth. The most interesting part of the book was the dog. Wouldn’t read another of hers probably. Just me.

I am re-reading a book “Write it Down”… by Henrietta something (sorry, don’t have the book with me at the library). I thought since I’m heading into new territory it might be helpful to know what I want. The Holy Spirit always seems to whop me up the side of my head when writing so I avoid it like the plague. I have learned more from saying no than an intelligent person should admit to. I know there is a powerful connection between the spiritual and writing, you only have to look at twelve step groups to see that. I will start the writing exercises tonight and see what pops up. Goals are good right? It challenges me to take personal responsibility for my life and appear less like a hapless victim. Hapless is inevitable, but victim, no–way-Jose. I like to whine before doing something I don’t want to do. It makes me feel better. Noble I’m not.  In this book there is a quote “When you are done whining, something is going to change”. I like that. Guess I’ll have to streamline the whine.This will be our little social experiment. Just between you and me.


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