Do it yourself.


I fully believe in being independent and trying new things. When my budget didn’t include haircuts I started cutting my own hair. I can get away with it because I have a lot of hair and you can’t see where I butcher it. However…do it yourself haircuts only last so long before your hair style starts to lose it’s shape and it begins to look like you cut it yourself. For instance the back of my head is invisible to me. In other words if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. That works really well if you want to maintain a healthy denial of what your hair really looks like from behind but not when you see a picture of it. Yep, I saw my hair from behind and it scared me. I decided it would not serve Iowa very well if I was to fly to Portland this way so I am having a haircut today by a  professional. I kinda feel sorry for her.

I was worried about being at home without a car all day yesterday but it wasn’t bad. The day went by surprisingly fast. Part of my morning was spent demonstrating my washer and dryer’s ability to wash and dry clothes. This elderly couple really put me through the ringer (sorry, couldn’t help myself) before proving that I wasn’t trying to sell them lemons. I even had to chat with them through the spin cycle. They wanted to make sure it spun all the water out. I can honestly say that I have never had to demonstrate a washer and dryer that I was selling before. The little dears even asked me if I had my own clothes to use or did they need to bring their own laundry. I was speechless. I felt like one of those girls from “Let’s make a Deal”. Evidently I passed.

I started getting my stuff organized to pack and finished some sewing. I went through old photos and saved my reading for last as my reward. I bought a book to read on the plane and am having trouble not reading it. I am still reading “Left Early, Took My Dog”  and I’m having issues finishing it. It’s not holding my interest very well. I also am determined to finish my Thomas Wolfe behemoth. Guess I won’t be watching The Nanny tonight. Well time for my haircut. Be sure and tell me how nice the back looks the next time you see me.


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