I’ve had the whim-whams. What are they you ask? It’s when you feel restless and sure you are avoiding something but you don’t want to stop long enough to find out. I’ve lost my wifi signal at home which is exasperating. I can’t blog  and have to go somewhere else. And did I tell you I sold my car? A further complication. But I was expecting all this I just don’t want to deal with it, yet.

I have managed to get some reading in. Actually I’ve been reading instead of packing when I am home. My bad. I read “Brooklyn” by Colm Toibin. A story that takes place in the fifities about a young woman who moves from Ireland to New York. Talk about culture shock. It reminded me that no matter how far away we may move we take our insecurities with us, and our personalities. It was a simpler time to be sure but it had it’s challenges too. The war was still causing economic realities and job shortages. I found Eilis a bit too in her head but then she meets a charismatic Italian and his family and it changes her in good ways. He is not like any Italian man I have ever known but I’m sure they exist. I also read Carla Neggers newest paperback and really liked it. My battery is going so must sign off for now but know that I am thinking of all of you and I’m sure the whim-whams will disappear as soon as I start cleaning out my room. Then I will have tears and anxiety. Real life.


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