That seems to be the order of my life right now. And who is to say that is not a good thing? A table laid out with a variety of tempting and diverse choices. Some of those choices will look appealing- others you will decide to pass on. It is all about personal instincts.

Today is my last day at a job I have loved for the past two years and counting. I have never had a job that I would rather be at than at home. It was like going to Disneyland every day. Now there were a few times that I felt like I was on Mr. Toad’s wild ride but for the most part it was an amazing experience. I grew in creative ways I’d never imagined. I was given opportunities I would normally not be given in a larger library in a more populated big city. The barriers of a higher education (oxymoron?) didn’t limit my potential. Only my personality did. Dutch reformed did not always understand the Italian in me. That made for some challenges in communication. They don’t use their hands as much here to get a point across, nor did they talk as much as I did, come to think of it. In the beginning I felt like “Marley and Me” and I was unfortunately Marley. Bad dog! But I was given a new trainer and the problem was resolved. My new trainer patted me on the head one day and said, “They really didn’t know you at all did they girl”? That was the biggest compliment ever! It’s all in how lovingly you control the leash. I learned a lot of new behavior and lessons and I am better for it.

Today is a celebrate- Marsella-going-away-potluck. I like that, even if it means saying goodbye to some wonderful staff members. I was a  little leery of “potluck” yesterday because my stomach was not quite seaworthy but today I seem to be back to normal and am anticipating lots of  great company and good food. Tomorrow you will hear about the choices…all good. In the weeks ahead they might not appear so tempting and delicious. I wonder if I can be late for work today?


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  1. It’s a shame you are having to leave a job you love, not on your own terms. I assume you are still planning to leave for the Portland area soon? We wish you well there, hope you find a job that is fun and satisfying. Oregon will be like a breath of fresh air. Be sure to let us know where you end up so we can get together when we visit our daughters. We wish you only the very best, a calm and secure future! Love, Judy and Harry

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