Moving on…


This will be my last blog on the Sioux Center Library Facebook page. My last day of employment with the library will be next Tuesday. I am moving to Portland, OR the third week in March. This ends a very tumultuous four years in Iowa. I arrived here with a husband of 30 years and a daughter in college. I am moving away with just me, myself and I. Lots of changes ahead and I can’t say I am welcoming all of them but one thing I have learned in the past six years of layoffs, moves, kids leaving the nest, and having to leave one’s dream job is to be flexible. Even when you don’t want to it helps. At least that is what God seems to be telling me. For me, being flexible comes after a lot of crying, nashing of teeth and tearing of clothing. We won’t mention the kicking and screaming. I have found myself asking My Main Man “why me”? And He seems to be answering “Why not you”? So…

I have so many people to thank for making my landing here softer, kinder and loving. You can read about them in the days ahead. I am not the same person who arrived here, thanks to them. So, in the weeks ahead this will act as a journal of sorts on my journey to myself and a new land and people. It will have some stories. My life seems to attract them, plus going from a city of 6,500 to a million, it is inevitable. I will continue to blog about books I read as well. Reading is my life after all,  REAL life gets squeezed in. You can contact me on Facebook under Marsella Johnson and message me and you will find links to this blog or go to if you want to comment on books, and I am also on Goodreads. I will try and blog every day but you know what can happen to good intentions while moving…

Just finished “Sonoma Rose” by Jennifer Chiaverini and am currently reading “Berried to the Hilt”. Needed some lighter reading for this week. More on them tomorrow. Look for Hillary’s blog to hear about upcoming adult books she has read at the Sioux Center Library. Give her a big welcome at the next Adult book club, I leave it in great hands. I will miss you all terribly. Thanks for the memories…


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  1. Marsella, this line sounds exactly like me: “For me, being flexible comes after a lot of crying, gnashing of teeth and tearing of clothing.” Thanks for putting it into words so perfectly! I will be praying for you and thinking of you as you move to Oregon. You have been a great friend and like a second mom to me. I will miss you!

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