My Heart Just Got a Big Fat Hug!


Hold on to your bloomers! “The Misunderstood God: the lies religion tells about God”, knocked my socks off. First I cried like a baby because someone was telling me what I desperately needed to hear at the time I needed to hear it. Then I had to take notes, but after five pages of writing I decided to tell you… “Read the book”.

Darin’s spiritual road took a hairpin turn when he connected with the revelations revealed in the Bible passage 1Corinthians 13. We have all heard it at least once but never has it been revealed to me like it was in this book. He is very adamant about knowing what is wrong with “Religion” as it concerns Christianity. I wouldn’t do that because I can only share what my experience is and what messages I am hearing personally. We are so unique. Personal relationships with God must be as diverse and different as our fingerprints. We live in a world that is made more complicated every day and what this book reminded me of is that my relationship with God is simple, it comes down to love.I don’t choose to interpret my faith in the almighty for anyone but myself. And I don’t speak for anyone but myself. That is a big enough challenge, thank you very much!

Darin goes through each line of the Bible passage and relates it to his experience as a pastor, father, husband and son. It was funny at times and very moving. This could be one of those books that I just needed at this particular time, but I don’t think so. A lot of things I find distasteful about religion, based on observations and my own experience, he addresses here. It was very validating for me to read this book. The messages I got here healed some very painful wounds and gave me a new understanding of myself. Why did this book cross my hands when it did and why did I feel compelled to check it out? Well that one is a no brainer, I feel compelled to check out a lot but I didn’t think this one had anything to do with me.

I believe religion is undergoing a huge overhaul. It may not be felt as much here but it is happening none the less. I could reference all sorts of  his paragraphs but the reality is that you may get something entirely different from some other paragraph. Who am I to choose for you? One of things I did like that he said (paraphrase)is that often we start out in our faith painting by the numbers, dot to dot, coloring within the lines and then we have to head into the wilderness to find the promise land. That seems to be happening a lot to me lately, I’m starting to feel like I am in a Conostoga wagon.I had to buy this book because I have to read it again. There are so many personal messages to me, I don’t want to miss one.


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