The Romance of World War II


There isn’t a more romantic era than that of the Second World War. Sarah Jio captures the intoxicating aura of the tropics and the passion of star crossed lovers in her second novel “The Bungalow”. I loved her first novel “The Violets of March” which takes place in the present but also has a hidden mystery from 1943. Many of the stories told by veterans of that time will be gone soon so it is nice to see writers frame them for us so wonderfully. Sarah doesn’t gloss over the horror and loss of war but somehow the people from that time always seemed more noble.

It is 1942 and Anne Calloway is engaged to be married to a wealthy, handsome man she has known most of her life. She feels restless and unsure  of her feelings for her fiance. She decides to put off the decision of a wedding by travelling to Bora Bora with her best friend to work as a military nurse. Here she discovers (of course) her true love. They fall in love after discovering an abandoned bungalow that is cursed. There is sinister intrigue,  a murder, some twists and turns and a surprise ending. This author writes in a very simple style that is hopelessly sentimental. A true romantic spirit lives in this author’s heart and some times for a woman that is all we want, a good old fashioned love story.

Are there relatives that have told you stories from World War ll and why do you think that we look back at this war differently?


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    • I really liked it. I thought the art work in the bungalow was a great touch. I felt like I was in the bungalow with them. Good vintage romance. I’m looking forward to more of her work.

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