“Far From Here”


I know it’s trite to say “I adore this author”. So what if she’s a local writer who lives in my town and uses our library? I can’t help it!  Do you know how exciting it is to see local talent make it to the big time?  At least I didn’t grow up around her or go to school with her. I’m not biased. Every book that Nicole has written gets better and better. The true sign of a really good writer.

“Far From Here” touched me on so many levels. The complexity of a marriage ending in widowhood and finding out secrets you can’t confront, the frustrations of annoying sisters, a vampy mom in a small town (in Iowa none the less) and a curmudgeon for a surrogate mother-in-law, not to mention a paralyzing fear of flying while being married to a man who is crazy about flying.

Nicole writes about choosing to love in a marriage. I had to choose  to love many times in my long marriage and was crushed when it wasn’t enough to save it. It takes huge commitment and a strong mental mind to choose love when a shiny new marriage grows older and tarnishes. I loved the “opposites attract”,  wounded personalities of Danica and Etsell. I had to ask myself “who would name someone Etsell ?”  You have to read the book to find out how he gets his name.

This book is about failure but also painfully about redemption. How we rise above our selfishness and if we are lucky and open, get to try again. I loved the hope that was Benjamin. I found myself distracted by the lushness of Nicole’s analogies in the first part of the book. I had to re-read them over to catch every nuance. They evened out further into the story and not so distracting to my inquiring mind. This is such a good book and I feel blessed to have experienced the strong sense of community in this small town.

This is tragic romance  and mystique at it’s very best, with a twist or two to make it perfect. Catch this rising star!

Do you think you have to choose to love sometimes?

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