Let’s See If I Can Do It


I have finished up four books which is great, but now I have to dish about them “briefly”. I have a problem with briefly. At least verbally. Having read the “Female Brain” I understand why. It’s not my fault…really. It’s the hormones. I always knew it would come down to that. BUT, I also just finished “The Male Brain” which explains beautifully why men can say in five word sentences (or less) what it takes me a paragraph to say. Did you know there is a reason for that stinky boy smell that happens around puberty? Did you know that the pleasure center in the teen boy brain is nearly numb compared to to adults and children?  No wonder they can disappear in a violent video game. They act bored because they are bored! I chuckled at the statement that high-school teachers know that teen boys need to be intensely scared or shocked for it to register.

Environment does have a huge influence on who we become but there are thoughts in our brains that we couldn’t control even if we wanted to. The subconscious brain is a whole other animal. I think these two books should be required reading for every man and woman before dating. She knows her research, 130 of the pages were notes and bibliography. Really entertaining, interesting books that will go a long way towards encouraging more respect and understanding between the sexes.

I read “Unmeasured Strength” by Lauren Manning. Very moving story of a woman severely burned in the World Trade Center on September 11 and her unbelievable journey back to a normal life. Burns are the most excruciating wounds to recover from and her descriptions made me see heroism in a whole new light.

I also read “The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted” by Bridget Asher. Very similar to “Under the Tuscan Sun” only this takes place in France. A widow and her young son travel to Provence to oversee a renovation of a vacation home with many hidden memories. Throw in a hunky next door neighbor, grieving and culture clashes and you have the gist of this story. It was an enjoyable read after having “men on the brain”. Sorry, I really couldn’t help myself.

And last but not least “Conquistadora” by Esmeralda Santiago. In 1844 a young woman leaves Spain to escape  her oppressive, sheltered life. She arrives in Puerto Rico where her new husband (a twin) owns a remote sugar plantation. Plantation is stretching it. This is a lusty, colorful story about slavery, forbidden love and the early history of Puerto rico. The author also wrote the best-selling memoir “When I Was Puerto Rican”. There are many characters but the author does an impressive job of giving you short glimpses without confusing and overwhelming the reader. This was not what I expected but it was a good story and very entertaining. There I did it!  This is short for me.

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