Marinating In Life


The library was not my usual haven today. We had a presidential candidate  visiting and the media took over. I’ve never seen so much equipment!  Some found it exciting and some found it annoying. I felt a little rattled and out of my element. Books were definitely not the focus. I must say I was blown away ( even more than usual) by our Tech Diva, Lyn.  The best ambassador our city (and library) could ask for. She was classy, calm and collected; nothing seems to rattle her. This was the big time with Bloomberg and CNN and she was amazing.  Becky was polished and gracious and together they made a great team. Dave came to lend support and I expected to look up and find  fearless Suzanne behind a camera (the crowds didn’t faze her a bit) and Monica,very elegantly turned out, worked her little black heels off. Judy makes you feel good by just being in the building.I felt very proud. Sioux Center was very well represented today

I’m finishing up”The Female Brain” by Louann Brizendine, M.D.  If I had access to this information decades ago I could have saved myself lots of money on therapy. It explains a lot about the biological differences in why women think and communicate so differently than men. I knew on some level that men don’t annoy us on purpose (this excludes teenage boys) but this book proves it. We are hard wired by ancient man. The hunter-gatherer thing is still going on in both sexes. Our brains get marinated in testosterone or estrogen. This conditions us for lots of challenges in understanding each other. Women like building relationships and emoting, tend to avoid conflict and like to be socially connected. Men aren’t as threatened by aggression and competition, and the emoting thing is literally something they are not wired for. She explains this all clearly and at times humorously in this fascinating book.

I’m eager to read her book about the male brain so I can further let men off the hook.  I also let myself off the hook after reading this, well I’m trying to anyway. When she described the despair one can feel after rejection by a loved one I felt a familiar sadness. Your brain can generate physical pain and make you feel like you want to die. But outcomes differ for men and women. She explains the power of hormones in both sexes, something we seriously underestimate. She nailed teenage girls perfectly. Let’s face it, girls are bossy. So why don’t we have one for president?

Gabrielle Hamilton’s book was  well written and a very good story but boy could that girl use some therapy! Here is this smart, brilliant food artist who is also a gifted writer but can’t see the elephant in her living room. Or in this case ghosts of mom and dad. I winced at a lot of her choices and her false bravado. I saw a very needy little girl inside the needless woman.  I can’t talk too much about her relationships without giving too much away but the term “train wreck” comes to mind.  She can relate to vegetables and lamb but people, not so much.The restaurant business is brutal on a good day and to  own one is even more abuse. The pressure and hours horrendous so why do it? You’ll have to read the book to find out and please read it on an empty stomach.

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