Book Personalities


We had book club today and it was a blast! I got to pick out books with a Christmas theme for each one of my members. After spending a year in discussion with these ladies you get to know  fairly well what they like to read. I thought it would be fun to match their personality with a story. Today I found out how I did and I was pleasantly surprised.

One member read a book from the Miss Read series called “The Christmas Mouse” and she is terrified of mice (I didn’t know this)and was reluctant to read it but was glad she did. One member read a Philip Gulley book from his Harmony series and enjoyed it so much she got her husband to read it. They are reading the series together and she is thrilled. Who knew?! One reader is an English teacher and looks for grammatical errors(there is at least one in every book) before she settles in. Yikes, I hope she doesn’t do the same thing with my punctuation, I’m random. Not everyone raved about my choices, they are simple formula books after all, but they enjoyed reading books they may have not picked themselves. And me…Can you believe I get paid to do this?

Books are little gifts every time I open a cover. To share that joy is indescribable. Now we did have yummy Butler’s coffee and Christmas sweets too so I can’t attribute this all to books but they were a “delicious” side dish. Next month’s book club is a book and movie night. They chose “Northanger Abbey”, Jane Austen’s fun spoof of Gothic romance. As much as I love Jane Austen via the BBC I’ve never read any of them all the way through so I’m looking forward to this.

Our library director Becky, suggested I read”The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield after discussing Kate Morton’s “The Forgotten Garden”. This was a macabre page turner from the start. Mix an antique book lover with an eccentric writer,  odd twins, ghosts; then throw in a governess, scandal and a topiary obsession and you have a great way to spend an evening. As much as I liked this, I liked “The Forgotten Garden” better but they were very similar. See, Becky is getting the hang of my reading personality already. I’ll have to see if I can throw her off a bit, I don’t want to get too predictable. What kind of book personality do you have?


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