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I have always loved Laura Childs’ tea shop mystery series. It takes place in Charleston and captures the southern charm and gentility of a bygone era. Lots of money, old silver and mansions which this author descriptively carries off with aplomb. Throw in recipes, murders, creepy Spanish moss and you end up with an entertaining series. I love Theodosia , her tea shop and her starchy, pompous tea blender Drayton. When I lived in the south as a child I was always struck by the unusual names people had.

The newest installment is called “Scones and Bones” and involves pirate lore, jewel encrusted skulls that supposedly belonged to Blackbeard himself and of course a buried treasure. This started out great but left me feeling bored by the end. After reading a series for a while it can get stale. Janet Evanovich comes to mind with her Stephany Plum series. I get bored with the characters and they become too predictable. In the case of this series Theodosia is a very proper southern lady with good manners and a great head for business. Her character has a couple romances and in this installment the author decides to  have Theo shake things up by falling for a new guy before breaking it off with her old one, Parker. The problem is it was too out of character and just didn’t seem like something Theodosia would do. She does move into a new house that sounds very intriguing but I don’t think I’ll look forward to the next one as much as I have in the past. It makes me feel kind of sad.

I get spoiled with authors like Agatha Christie. Who can forget Poirot? I love Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce. He is on book number four and I can hardly wait till the next one. That is the beauty of working in a library, there are so many characters to meet but the competition is fierce! What book character have you gotten bored with?


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  1. Me, I’ve gotten bored with Goldy from Diana Mott Davidson (not the recipes, though!) Love the post – all too true about getting bored with characters!

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