Simple Pleasures


[Originally posted November 23, 2011]

So many of them…Libraries,turkey,friends, old movies. Speaking of which, tomorrow kicks off my personal movie count down to Christmas. I have a pretty big collection of holiday movies that I start watching on Thanksgiving. I usually watch at least one a day…I can hear my son groaning in Colorado now. He is the lucky one because his sister is here and will be forced to wear ear plugs to avoid the holiday favorites her mom watches every year. It usually starts with “Holiday Inn” strarring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire but not always. I have at least eight versions of “A Christmas Carol” including Mr. Magoo’s (my kids loathe this one the most because it’s a musical and they can’t get the songs out of their heads for days) and the Flintstones. It is my favorite story of all time. I didn’t appreciate it either when I was younger but find the reminder of second (third, fourth etc.) chances comforting. My favorite version of this movie is “A Muppet Christmas Carol” and it is the only one I can get my grown kids to watch with me. I keep telling them some day when I’m gone they will want to watch them but they vehemently deny that will ever happen. 

Most of the movies are oldies because they don’t make good movies anymore. Even Hallmark has gotten cheesier but times change and maybe that’s why I love going back to a simpler time, if there even was such a thing. Most of these movies were made before I was born but capture a spirit that I love, black and white. You had to use your imagination. My kids say they are boring but I say they are classic.

Speaking of classic…I read Nicole Baart’s book “Snow Angel” that was co-written with Glenn Beck. That is one talented writer and she’s ours! How lucky are we?! The story has touches of Sioux Center throughout (it’s a fictional town) so see if you can find them. She is one of the most poigniant writers to come on the horizon. The story reminded me of how lucky I was to have “angels” in the wings to parent me and love me when my own didn’t. 

Don’t forget to grab a wrapped Christmas book on the adult display table. To make it more fun we have mixed some free “gift” books in with the rest so you might really get a surprise. You’ll have to unwrap it before you leave so you can check out the library copies. That starts December first. Book club does the same random process for the book choice and we will meet here Dec. 17 to talk about our favorites. Please limit yourself to one free book. Thanks for making the library such a delightful place to work!  Marsella

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