Row, Row, Row Your Boat


[Originally posted October 28, 2011]

Susan Fox did an excellent job in “My Reach” exploring the hidden depths of the Hudson River by kayak. She interwove the story with the loss of her parents within a short time of each other. It was poignant  without being overly sentimental. It was well done and interesting. I loved studying the map of the areas she explored on the inside covers. This woman is daunting in her independence and fearlessly dives, no pun intended, in to whatever challenge she undertakes. I still find it hard to do certain things without the moral support of my friends. Traveling alone doesn’t appeal to me but I do admire her spirit and the sights she’s seen and explored I envy. There are trade off’s. Would you want to travel alone just to see if you could? I didn’t experience camping until I was in my mid twenties and loved it when I didn’t think I would.  I love my comforts too much now but I do know there are only things you can see from experiencing them. 


What experience would you like to challenge yourself with? Hope to see you at movie night!  Marsella

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