[Originally posted November 1, 2011]

I was setting up a book display for November and was trying to come up with a theme. I usually know the theme before I set it up but not this time. It is all cook books with yummy comfort foods and lots of pumpkin and squash recipes. I tried numerous combinations but nothing fit. I was getting frustrated  and then it hit me, KISS, keep it simple silly. PLENTY… it sums up the season ahead doesn’t it? Somehow when I am worrying over how little my pay check seems to cover it never occurs to me to acknowledge the bounty all around me. I was driving to work this morning and a corner house had a yard completely covered with the most beautiful golden leaves. It was so pretty and I was grateful for this person not keeping up with the raking. I had an unexpected free oil change with an air filter thrown in from a wonderful group of guys. I found out that I can change a medication that I can no longer afford. There is plenty to be had all around me and I wouldn’t appreciate it as much if I had everything.

I found this wonderful quote in Susan Fox Rogers’ book:

“Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  Mary Oliver

I’d plan to spend it in a library. Wait a minute, I already am!  Read a cute new mystery named “Books Can Be Deceiving” by Jenn McKinlay. It is about a librarian who moves to an small island village. Don’t hear about too many of those jobs in real life. That is why the trip is so enjoyable (and cheap) from one’s couch.

If you haven’t read “I am the Messenger” get a copy, we still have a few. It is wonderful and I look forward to our discussion in November. Stay plenty (sorry) warm.   Marsella

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